The internet has changed the way customers interact with businesses. The only feedback you used to get was through letters, returns, and surveys, but now you can get it from online review sites and social media posts. Businesses used to rely on local customers to make money, but these days you can reach a global audience so long as you have a website and products you can stream online or pack up and ship. And while TV and newspaper ads used to be the best way to reach new customers, online videos are now the best option.

Social Media Videos Are Great For Sharing

Videos are much more dynamic and interesting than text updates and even photos, and most major social media platforms allow you to upload or link to videos in regular updates. A short video can be a useful way to grab your audience’s attention for an announcement or an important update, and if your video has interesting content your audience will be more likely to share it with their friends. And while it’s hard to say whether a video will go viral and get millions of views, it’ll never happen if you don’t make videos in the first place.

Informational Videos Establish Your Credentials

Many companies create online videos that teach the audience how to do something connected to their business, discuss important news related to their field, or react to other content to demonstrate their knowledge. This makes the videos useful and interesting, and interesting videos are much more likely to get shares and likes even if they happen to be on the longer side. Also, it lets people know why they should choose your company when they need products or services.

Video Ads Get Better Results

Banner ads are so common and repetitive that many online users hardly even notice them anymore. On top of that, many users can’t even see banner ads thanks to ad-blocking software. Video ads may cost more to produce, but they can reach a wider audience, create a bigger impact, and convince more people to click on the ad and find out more.

Professional Quality Is Key

Amateur videos can work for a small company making short videos, but if you want the best results your videos should meet professional quality standards with HD footage, clean audio, and smooth editing. Meeting these standards will keep your intended audience from clicking away when they can hardly see anything or when your microphone keeps popping as you speak. Fortunately, it’s never been easier or cheaper to buy professional-grade A/V equipment, so you can meet these high standards without placing a big strain on your budget. 

Still, professional-grade cameras and microphones can be hard to understand if you don’t have experience with the equipment. That’s why many companies rely on Montrose Associates to help them set up their audio/visual equipment and either teach their staff how to use it or handle the recording process directly. Either way, you can count on us to create professional-grade videos to improve your online presence.