How does Montrose AV differ from other AV integrators?

Our smaller size means that we have lower operating costs and overhead. This in turn means that you get lower prices passed on to you. We also believe in keeping our clients fully informed throughout the process and focus on the best communication and highest quality work. Montrose AV’s extensive background in broadcast engineering allow us to offer far superior design and consultation for clientele needing teleproduction systems.

Does Montrose AV do residential installation?

We are a commercial-only company. We proudly deliver the highest quality commercial work, but don’t offer residential installations at the moment.

Are you available for on-site consultation?

Some simpler projects may not require an onsite visit to quote but if needed, we are readily available to do a complete walkthrough of the job site and handle the design process there. We can look at your site, consider your needs, and then create the system that is needed.

Is there a warranty for equipment?

All new equipment that we sell comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Our installations are guaranteed for a full year as well, and combined with the warranties on the equipment this allows our clients to receive service with full confidence.

What areas do you service?

We provide our services to every business in Playa Del Rey, CA and the surrounding region. We’ve built a reputation for being an excellent option for those in the area, and are constantly looking to expand our service range if the job requires it.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, corporate P cards, and corporate checks.

What types of systems do you build?

We build custom systems in all areas of AV including presentation systems, broadcasting systems, and more. We can also upgrade, modify, and replace existing systems when needed.