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Audio Visual Montrose AV, Playa Del Rey, CA

Audio Visual

Our team of professionals can help with any or all of your PDR audiovisual system needs. Be it new system design, upgrade, programming modifications, or troubleshooting, our highly trained technicians are sure to tackle it.

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Broadcast Montrose AV, Playa Del Rey, CA


We service almost every camcorder brand, model, and format. We repair almost every make, model, and type of switcher, monitor, terminal equipment, effects device, even audio and lighting gear.

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System Design and Installation Montrose AV, Playa Del Rey, CA

System Design and Installation

The right system design is the foundation for your company’s future. We offer full design and installation services for the entire Playa Del Rey, CA area, making sure our clients have the technology they need for anything.

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We'll find you the best price.

We know that A/V and broadcast gear, with added design and integration expenses can be a major investment. We work to provide the lowest prices possible, and always try to offer incentives and industry specific discounts to our clientele. Whether you’re needing a new system, or simply upgrading, it’s worth contacting our team to see what promotions we’re offering at the moment.

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AV Broadcast Gear Montrose AV, Playa Del Rey, CA

"These guys have done a few small things for my P2 camera's at completely reasonable labor rates. Good communication and even fixed my Sachtler sticks!"

Tom Morningstar

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How It Works

  1. 1

    Initial Meeting and Consultation

    We begin every job by taking the time to sit down with our customers, and end user(s) to determine what they need to accomplish. Every Playa Del Rey, CA business has different goals, and we understand this. We’ll talk to you about your existing system and its overall functionality, relative to what you’re trying to accomplish. This way, we can get a clear understanding of just what is needed, be it upgrades, modifications, or a different direction entirely.

  2. 2

    Design and Installation

    Once we know what you need from us, we get started making it happen. Our team of experts will design a system that matches all of your needs and will help you reach your goals exactly. We go over the initial design with you before we start installation, and once approved, we schedule the work and proceed without delay, so your Playa Del Rey, CA business can start using it immediately.

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    Ongoing Support

    Upon job completion, our team will also provide you with an overview of using your system, including its features, functions, and basic operation. Should an issue arise, be it operational, or suspected equipment failure, we’ll be here when you need us.

AV Specialists, Montrose AV, Playa Del Rey, CA

Why Choose Us


We’ve serviced over 1,000 clients in the Playa Del Rey, CA area, building our business almost entirely upon referrals. Much of this grows out of our reputation for dependability. If we say we’ll do something, we do it. We return phone calls and emails in a timely fashion, and we follow through. Every time!


Our team recommends only the most advanced, state of the art technology when we spec a job, yet remaining mindful of your budgetary restrictions. We stand behind the manufacturer’s warranties, and stand behind our work. Our workmanship is second to none.


We take pride in providing exactly what our clients need. Not whatever we can “push” that is most profitable. Our job as a consultant isn’t to spend your money, it’s to insure you get the most for every dollar spent. You’ll get precisely what’s needed to accomplish your needs, nothing more.

Highly Qualified

Since opening in 1993, Montrose AV in Playa Del Rey, CA, has covered all the bases! Audio-visual needs range from the use of interactive Smartboard or Mondopad classroom and conference room tools to multiple microphone mixing and audio processing. In a city council chamber, you may need video projection, theater surround sound, room automation, and everything in between. We can accommodate your audio video installation and commercial audio visual installation needs in Los Angeles, based upon over 26 years of AV design challenges met and conquered. Our continuing education policy ensure our commercial av installers and technicians are kept up to date on the most cost-efficient solutions for you.


Montrose’s engineering team represent years of experience with some of the largest broadcast, post, and production facilities in the US. Our team of professionals is highly qualified in the maintenance, service and repair of all manner of commercial, industrial and broadcast video and audio gear. Cameras, monitors, switchers, mixers, microphones, terminal equipment, and even lighting components are serviced on a daily basis in our state of the art facility.


Montrose AV is a small company. As with all smaller integration firms, our pricing will be significantly less, in many cases, over the larger, impersonal integrators. We invite you to take full advantage of this.

Questions we get as AV Specialists, Montrose AV, Playa Del Rey, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long have you been in business?

    Our company was founded in 1993. Since then, we’ve served more than 1,000 clients over the course of two decades. Our expertise means that you always get the best work in the Playa Del Rey, CA region.

  • What is the process from point of contact?

    Once we talk to you, we may need to do a walkthrough of your location. Once that’s done you’ll get our quote and a breakdown of what we plan to do. With your approval, the next step is scheduling and completing the work.

  • How long does the setup take?

    No two Playa Del Rey, CA businesses are the same, so there’s no way to estimate this without letting our team take a look at your project. However, we work quickly and have one of the fastest turnaround times in the indus try.

  • Is there a warranty for Broadcast equipment repair?

    Yes. We offer a one year warranty on all equipment installed.

  • What areas do you service?

    We serve the entire Playa Del Rey, CA area and the surrounding region.