Modern projectors have come a long way from the overhead projectors of the 90s. Instead of transparent plastic sheets (foils) and clunky mirrors sliding up and down a pole at the turn of a squeaky wheel, we now have a variety of modern projectors that come with all sorts of bells and whistles.

But not all projectors are equal. Here are the types of projectors best suited for each part of your life.

At Home: Ultra-short-throw Projectors

A UST projector is different from regular projectors because they can operate from short distances. This also means it will have better image quality no matter how bright the room.

At School: Elmo Projectors

Elmo projectors are great tools for school because they work much like a camera. You can place a sheet of paper or any 3D item on the device and it will display everything on the screen in real time.

At Work: DLP Projectors

DLP projectors are the only ones that have 3D capabilities. They do not require filters and have very crisp images. They also have the longest lamp life, so they don’t need as much maintenance.

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