Surround sound is becoming a common feature to video playback in this day and age. With many streaming services, and even digital advertisements, employing surround sound over stereo for their music and other audio, having a surround sound setup in your home studio is more important than ever.

Professional studios have been mostly relocated to homes since the pandemic began, so upgrading your home studio is a good investment to make sure your quality of work does not suffer. One of the upgrades you should consider is adding surround sound. There are two options for upgrading your home studio, DIY and hiring a professional.

If you are interested in DIY, you will need to do more research. For a full breakdown of how to set up your own 5.1 surround sound system in your home studio, check out this article from Soundswow.

If you are not an expert A/V engineer and would like to hire a professional to set up a custom audio or video system for your home studio, home theater, or any other recording, broadcasting or production purposes, contact Montrose Inc. today and feel the difference a professional’s touch can make. We can do surround sound as well as complete A/V systems.