Once upon a time, the only thing that AV (audio/visual) meant was the AV club, a bunch of nerds running around your high school with a rolling cart and a trail of wires.

Obviously, times have changed. AV applies to a large range of modern technologies that we use every day. From conference calls to streaming video gamers, quality sound and picture are crucial to work and play in the 21st century.

Today we have easy access to AV equipment for personal use. Smartphone cameras and mics are getting more sophisticated (and increasing in number per device… really iPhone? Three?), and entry level professional equipment is available online for more reasonable prices than ever. Commercial systems are more complex, however, and just purchasing a lot of fancy equipment is not enough to eliminate the need to start your boardroom’s tele-con meetings with thirty minutes of fiddling. Where’s the AV club now?

Have no fear, we at Montrose, Inc. are more qualified and experienced than those nerds, and we can put together a system for your business that helps you achieve your maximum potential. Contact us now and get started on your AV upgrade today.