An outdated boardroom can really place added frustrations onto your meetings. While it’s true that few employees look forward to meetings anyway, the simple knowing of a boardroom that isn’t going to cooperate with presentations and communications can make the entire experience simply unpleasant. In these situations, bringing your boardroom into the 21st century with an AV upgrade might be just the fix you’re looking for. With the right equipment, your employees will be able to communicate better, get the meeting going faster, and get going with their goals without faulty equipment getting in their way.

In the ever-competitive world we’re living in today, it’s never been more important to invest in the AV system your business deserves.

Signs You Need An AV Upgrade

There are a few signs you can look out for to tell you if your board room is in need of a 21st century AV upgrade. Some of these signs include:

– Your displays are giving you trouble It shouldn’t take forever to get your picture to display, and it shouldn’t take a few knocks of your system or projector to get the presentation up and running. While it might be easy to push these occurrences off as a bit of “aging”, the truth of the matter is that you’re ready for an upgrade. 4K displays are becoming the norm for today, and these systems are crisper, clearer, and more efficient than ever before.

– Your presentation options are limited In today’s modern age, there is no excuse for limited presentation options. Multimedia use should be limitless, and your employees should be able to incorporate as much or as little as they like to create their presentations. If your AV system only allows for limited options, it’s time to upgrade to an AV system that brings you full multimedia capabilities. 

– You’re stuck in a sea of wires There is no excuse to be stuck in a sea of wires with today’s modern AV systems. Wires coming from this and connecting to that, with even more wires making sure this is plugged in to there creates a busy and confusing experience that makes your board room difficult to navigate and use. Today’s wireless systems are much simpler, much easier to move, and more user friendly.

– You have trouble with audio Trouble with the video elements of your AV system aren’t the only red flags to worry about. If you experience regular trouble with your audio communications, this is a major sign pointing to a need for a new AV system upgrade. Without efficient audio, you cannot expect to communicate effectively, which leads to frustrating, difficult, and unnecessarily drawn-out meetings as you try to fix audio communications as you go along. 

Getting The Upgrade You Need 

With the technologies available today, any business can get the AV systems upgrades that work best for their needs. If you’re wondering if your business could use an AV upgrade for your boardroom, contact us at Montrose Associates today.