For many of us reading this article, audio/visual or AV used to mean a cart, with a projector and a break from traditional teaching. Things have come a long way since then. One of the newest innovations in the technology field is the way we experience entertainment. If you are a fan of television or streaming services you could be missing out on a lot of enjoyment. The new AV technology can change how you experience home entertainment and at prices that won’t break the bank. Here are some of the newest trends in home theaters.

1. Home Automation:

Home automation is the biggest trend of the decade. When it comes to home theater, you will no longer have a complex setup with five remotes because everything is integrated into a single system. Instead, you’ll get a single remote that will do everything from recommending a movie to lowering the lights to ordering a movie from an online streaming service.

2. Voice Control:

Most of us are familiar with voice control technology, it is on our phones and other smart devices. When you add on an integrated control you access the home theater, thermostat, etc. All without leaving your “comfy chair”. If you want the best sound, install speakers throughout your home theater. If this is not an option, a sound bar is your answer. Mounted below the television they can produce wonderful stereo sound. 

3. Multiple Screens:

More and more people are including more than one screen for their home theater. You can ask any sports fan the benefit of having more than one screen. One of the more popular ways to accomplish this is to purchase a projector that can create multiple screens. 

What You Need To Build Your Home Theater 

Before you contact an audio visual service, here are some things you need to look at.

1. Projector And Screen: If you have decided to use one room as your home theater then it is good to remember, bigger is better! Go with a large screen that measures 8 feet or more across. Get a 4K projector that is installed in the ceiling at the back of the room. You can also purchase a screen that can be motorized like a window shade and hide the screen.

2. Video Source: You have so many options when it comes to watching your favorite shoes. 4K media players, Apple TV, Roku and many other providers.

3. Speakers: When it comes to your audio your AC technician will tell you to choose your speakers first as your choice of speakers will determine what type of receiver you need. Big speakers equals big power. The number of speakers also depends on the sound quality you are looking for and the size of the room. A traditional home theater usually has five speakers, one in the center, left and right speaker, two for the rear left and right and a subwoofer.

4. Receiver: The audio/visual (AV) receiver is the power for the entire system. It will receive interpret and process the tv signal into the house and sends it to your screen and speakers. You should not invest in a receiver with less than five channels. We suggest seven minimum, but speak with your AV consultant. 

There are several ways tips for building the ultimate home theater, but if you have these basics you’ll have an ideal setup for any space.

Work With The A/V Professionals

With a home theater your family can relax with the latest audio/video technology in arms reach. With over two and a half decades specializing in the best quality of AV equipment and installation, Montrose Associates can help you design the audio visual experience you deserve. We’ll design a complex setup that is easy to control. Give us a call to get started!