Use these three tips to upgrade the picture on your TV’s performance.

Turn off the Energy-Saving Features – Conserving energy to help the environment is efficient, but it’s killing your TV picture. If you spent hundreds of dollars on the TV, enjoy the experience the way the engineers intended, not the regulatory bodies.
The energy-saving setting lowers the brightness, reducing energy consumption.

However, it also ruins HDR functionality. Some manufacturers call it Eco-Saving or Energy-saving, and you can find it in your general menu settings.

Choose the Optimal Preset Picture Setting.

Skip over the eco-friendly settings, and use one of the presets like Movie or Cinema. These picture preset modes are how the manufacturer designs the TV for optimal use. They offer the best image quality and color use.

Check Color Temperature

If you don’t understand photography or cinematography, the color temperature might seem like a confusing concept. Editors, directors, and movie producers using calibrated monitors featuring a specific color temperature.
The closer you get your TV color temperature to that setting, the better the picture.

Most experts agree the ideal color temperature is 6500K, making it look more “orange” to some users. Most TV manufacturers ship sets with the color temperature set to 4500K, providing a “blue” image.