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System Design and Installation in Playa Del Rey, CA

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Montrose AV Specializes in System Design and Integration

Whether you’d like to clean up an existing non-linear suite, adding a router or patch system for greater flexibility, or build a full-fledged machine room, we can do it. We’ve built everything from A/V presentation systems, to master control rooms, to production trucks, to duplication facilities, all turn key!

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Our subsidiary, Montrose AV. has also designed and installed automated video playback systems for municipalities’ local cable channels, PEG feed to local cable channel, hotels, cruise ships, and more. Presentation systems are also a specialty. We can turn your conference room in to a state of the art, multimedia hub, complete with automated touch-screen control of video projectors, motorized projection screens, plasma displays, A/V switchers, or anything you can dream of.

Give MONTROSE, INC. a chance to bid on your next installation now! You’ll be amazed at how much we can do, for how little!

AV Presentation Systems

Delivering a great presentation to your team is a must for most businesses in the Playa Del Rey, CA area. But in order to so you’ll need a great system in place. We can help.

Master Control Rooms

The heart and brain of your entire production lies here. We use the best technology and techniques to create a control room you will be able to get the most from.

Production Trucks

When you’re on the go, you still need to be able to deliver great broadcast and AV results. We can create a production truck that meets your needs and lets you operate anywhere within the Playa Del Rey, CA area and beyond.

Our Commitment

Personalized Service

We know that each project is different. Every Playa Del Rey, CA client will have different needs, and we take pride in delivering a custom system for every one of our clients.

Prompt Service

The faster your system is installed, the quicker you can start reaching your goals. We take pride in our fast response times and our fast turnaround times for all of our clients.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You deserve to know that your work will be done the right way. That’s why we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, along with the warranty on the equipment.

Why Choose Us


We’re a company you can count on. When we make a promise, we deliver. We’re proud of our reputation as the Playa Del Rey, CA area’s most dependable system installers.


We use the highest quality technological devices and the latest techniques to deliver the highest quality finished product money can buy.


We deliver exactly what you want, where you want it, when you need it. We believe in precision, and that’s exactly what our clients get.

Highly Qualified

Our team is made up of the most highly qualified individuals in the industry. You’ll have true professionals handling your installation.


We have more than 26 years of experience in design and installation of high quality systems. That experience is invaluable.


We keep our overhead and operating costs low and pass that on to our clients. You’ll get the most affordable solutions in the Playa Del Rey, CA area.