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Broadcast Services in Playa Del Rey, CA

Broadcast Equipment Repair Summary Playa Del Rey,  CA, Montrose AV

Montrose AV Offers the Finest in Broadcast Equipment Repair in Playa Del Rey, CA

We service almost every camcorder brand, model, and format. We repair almost every make, model, and type of switcher, monitor, terminal equipment, effects device, even audio and lighting gear.

Montrose AV also offers periodic maintenance services, to address high failure components before they result in costly down time. Be aware that volume discounts are available.

Boradcast Service and Repair Playa Del Rey,  CA, Montrose AV

List of Services we provide in addition to Broadcast Equipment Repair

  • Edit, duplication and teleproduction system design and installation
  • On site troubleshooting and system repair
  • Rewiring, adding to, or removing equipment
  • Periodic maintenance on equipment (cleaning, alignments)
  • Broadcast television and video equipment sales
    (new and used)

On-site Troubleshooting
and System Repair

Our team comes to you! We offer complete troubleshooting and repair services at your location. We’ll visit your Playa Del Rey, CA business and handle the work so you can get up and running fast.

Periodic Maintenance
on Equipment

Routine maintenance can prevent a major problem from occurring at all. Our team can visit you and complete routine maintenance to make sure your system and all its components keep working properly.

Rewiring, Adding or
Removing Equipment

Need to change, add, remove, or upgrade equipment? It can be a big project, but our team of professionals makes it easy to do. We’ll get the job done so you can keep working on your next broadcast.

Our Commitment

Personalized Service

Every Playa Del Rey, CA business has its own system, its own needs, and its own goals. We offer personalized service that focuses on what you need.

Prompt Service

We know you need your system up and running fast. That’s why we take pride in offering super quick turnaround times and fast response times to all in the Playa Del Rey, CA area.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by everything we do, with a full satisfaction guarantee that extends to all our clients and customers. We make sure you get the service that you need and that you’re satisfied with what we do.

Why Choose Us


We never make promises we can’t keep, and when we say we’ll do something we do it. We take pride in our dependability and being the Playa Del Rey, CA team that you can trust.


From our technology to our workmanship, our clients get the highest quality work and the best finished product possible.


We believe in precision. Our clients get exactly what they need to reach their goals and fulfill their needs. When you tell us what you want, you get it.

Highly Qualified

Our highly qualified staff have decades of service under their belts. You’ll get service from a team that is always learning new tools and techniques.


Since 1993 we’ve been helping the Playa Del Rey, CA region broadcast and stay connected. You get a team with decades of experience.


We know that every penny counts for Playa Del Rey, CA businesses. That’s why we work hard to keep our prices low and affordable for all of our clients.


$155.00 evaluation fee is required before any work begins on equipment. This fee is credited toward repair cost, or forfeited should repair estimate be declined.

$35.00 round trip pickup or delivery charge for Santa Monica, Culver City, Westside, and LAX area. Call for other areas.

Terms and Conditions:

WARRANTY: 90 day repair warranty begins on day unit is returned from service; no exceptions. Warranty covers recurring problems of the same nature, as enumerated on the service order on which repair work was detailed. Any new or unrelated problems on the equipment under warranty will incur new repair costs (parts/labor). Warranty is voided by anyone other than MONTROSE AND ASSOCIATES, INC.. entering the unit to attempt to make repairs during the warranty period.


Refused estimates will incur a $95.00 evaluation charge. All estimates are preliminary. If further problems are uncovered that could not be uncovered prior to completing initial repairs, a new estimate will be given. ABANDONED ITEMS: Equipment left over 90 days will be considered abandoned, and MONTROSE & ASSOCIATES, INC. reserves the right to sell, or dispose of.


Normal turnaround time runs two to five days, depending on parts availability and workload. For a priority (“quick turnaround”), there will be 40% premium added to the normal labor rate. Quick turnaround moves your piece to the head of the line (only behind any others who made quick turnaround request prior), however quick turnaround guarantees nothing further. All parts not stocked will be ordered and shipped “next day”, unless otherwise requested. Shipping charges for parts, or entire pieces of equipment shipped to us for repair and then returned, are the customers responsibility. Frequent phone inquiries regarding the status of equipment under repair, guarantees longer turnaround times!


Customer agrees to not hold MONTROSE AND ASSOCIATES, INC. liable for any business or personal loss with regard to damage to related equipment (data storage media, i.e., tape cassettes, CDs, etc.), regardless of monetary value. Customer also agrees to not hold MONTROSE AND ASSOCIATES, INC. liable for loss of income, damages, production costs or equipment rental fees incurred as a result of a piece of equipment being in for repair.

Payment Accepted:

VISA, Master Card, AMEX, DISCOVER, company check, cash. All new customers without credit history with MONTROSE AND ASSOCIATES, INC.. are C.O.D., unless prior arrangements are made. The customer agrees to pay all legal fees and related costs incurred for collection services required to pursue payment, if necessary. Failure to pay for and pick up repaired equipment will result in the sale of said equipment, in effort to recover costs associated with repair. MONTROSE AND ASSOCIATES, INC. reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service at any time.