Local governments in towns and cities across America are finding that the AV equipment in their city hall buildings is not keeping up with the times. Here are some reasons that you, as a government official, might want to upgrade your AV equipment in city hall.

If your city or town is interested in streaming their town hall meetings live on the internet for increased transparency and accessibility, you will need an AV equipment upgrade to ensure quality video and audio are being broadcast to your viewers. You wouldn’t want anyone to misunderstand an innocent remark and end up fueling more controversy over an audio issue!

Many city halls and town halls have older AV equipment that is behind the times and, frankly, falling apart. To get a more sophisticated setup without breaking the budget, Montrose Inc. can help your AV system to be both serviceable and cost-efficient. You don’t have to worry if there are enough dollars in your budget to make an AV upgrade in city hall a priority if the cost is low enough.

For a budget-friendly, modern solution to your current city or town hall AV system’s gaps in performance, contact Montrose Inc. today and find a system that works for you.