HDMI cords — or high definition multimedia interface cords — are the standard for transferring video, audio, and even control signals from their source devices to TVs and monitors. While HDMI sockets were meant to create an easy solution that would allow users to ditch the search for a myriad of different cables, the fact is that not all HDMI cords are the same.

You have your basic HDMI cord, compatible with standard TV resolutions, of course, but then also high speed and premium high speed versions. You have automotive versions of all of these HDMI cables to enable use with portable devices.

Users who want the best experience, and especially serious gamers, should, however, know that many of the HDMI cords on the market today aren’t licensed and haven’t passed rigorous HDMI Licensing quality tests. That doesn’t mean these cheaper HDMI cords won’t do their job, but it may well mean you miss out on some of the features or lose some speed.

If you only want the cream of the crop, you’ll want high-speed HDMI cords with a Premium Certified label, which will come with a QR code that helps you verify their authenticity. These HDMI cords are guaranteed to deliver what they promise — a better video experience.