AV (audiovisual) equipment is the unsung hero of many moving speeches, striking presentations, and many other events.  Whether it’s a sound system to fill the room with crisp digital music, or a projector and projection screen for displaying visuals, AV equipment is essential for making any event more memorable.

For those looking to rent AV equipment for their own events, there are many factors to consider when selecting the right setup. Factors such as the type of venue, number of guests, and budget will all play a part in what type of AV equipment is chosen. It’s important to work with an expert who can help you find the appropriate equipment for your needs.

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When deciding on the type of AV equipment to rent, it’s important to consider the quality and functionality of each item.

What is AV Equipment?

AV equipment encompasses electronic media equipment and devices that include both an audio and visual component. These items are important to events that feature live performances, music, presentations, etc. 

Most events require at least the basic audiovisual equipment— with the term varying from venue to venue. Each event venue has different dimensions and crowd sizes, so it’s important to consider what your AV needs might be when planning an event. 

Appropriate AV equipment can easily elevate a presentation or event with the use of sleek technology, adding a level of quality and professionalism 

Audiovisual Equipment List

To give you a general start, here is a basic AV checklist you might want to consider for your event(s):

  • Microphones — wireless or wired, floor or table stands?
  • Speakers — large or small?
  • Amplifiers/mixers  — do you need them?
  • Projectors —HD, 3D is also available?
  • Existing lighting— is it adjustable in every room? Do you need extra lights?
  • Existing sound system— does it suffice on its own? Or do you need to provide extra audio systems?
  • Portable sound system— will you need this? Or does the venue provide a sufficient one?
  • Mixer board(s)— how many do you need?
  • Video cameras— how many do you need?
  • Podium— will it be necessary? How many? With or without microphone(s)? 
  • Screens— how many? What size(s)? What kind? 

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