Each year we see new tech trends for business emerge, and 2020 is no exception. These advancements in technology have the power to change your business and enhance people’s experience. Among the new tech making an appearance this year, we see new pro AV products and trends on the horizon as well.

Changing Meeting Rooms

Work communication is one way a business can completely revamp. With better video conferencing and AV technology solutions, you can create a better and more productive meeting area in the office. This trend has grown over the past year and continues to grow, with many companies already in different stages of development when it comes to overhauling their meeting spaces.

These new meeting rooms are being referred to as huddle rooms. Instead of a business using a large and impersonal conference room, they have made changes to their collaboration efforts and this required a budget for new AV equipment. Huddle rooms are often equipped with a central table, chairs, and a display for audio and video conferences.

AV Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing has also been on the rise as of late because many businesses are on the hunt for a more dependable and reliable audiovisual system. With AV cloud solutions, they can scale their AV without having to worry about any extra hardware that needs to be managed.

Training Opportunities with AV

Another trend is the way businesses are training their employees now. It is now much easier to train because of tech trends and audiovisual technology. A company can hold a seminar and invite guest speakers using the AV systems they have in place. Another benefit of this tech and AV trend is the ability to record these seminars or conferences so they can be referred back to when needed.

Remote Working Opportunities

As reported in 2017, 3.7 million employees work from home for at least half the time. This number accounts for approximately 2.8 percent of the entire United States workforce. New AV technology helps to facilitate the growth of remote working opportunities.

New AV solutions are making it much easier for employees to work from home which helps the business conserve their budget while also improving their worker satisfaction rates.

Digital Signage Integration

Another tech and AV trend are the use of digital signs in many industries including the healthcare, education, and transportation industries. These signs are often used to help people that need assistance with where to go and it also gives them news about what is happening as well. The information on this digital signage can be updated in real-time when integrated with an AV system.

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