In order to make your AV equipment last as long as possible and make the significant investment your company made worth it, preventative maintenance and regular care is needed.

Many organizations find themselves using their AV equipment on a daily basis and is often used for communicating with customers, working on projects, collaborating, and so much more.

If your company hosts live events, then your AV equipment has to handle a lot and if something goes wrong with the equipment, it can stop the event altogether, delay things, and make a poor impression to those attending the event.

So, what can you do to extend the life of your company’s AV equipment? Read on to find out.

Scheduled Maintenance

When you schedule preventative maintenance for your AV equipment, you can learn to anticipate and plan for specific maintenance check-ups. Always schedule maintenance in advance so you can avoid any kind of emergency situation later. You don’t want to have to worry about maintenance right before or even during an event.

Optimize Performance

Most AV equipment was designed to operate in a specific way and the equipment needs to be cared for to ensure it works as intended. This includes performing regular software updates and hardware updates as part of your regular preventative maintenance routine. These regular updates ensure that everything continues to work as it should.

Label Everything

When taking care of equipment and even when storing it, you should make sure that everything is labeled clearly, and everything should be categorized. This way, it is easier to find what AV equipment is needed, and you can identify when something goes missing or needs repair.

Organize the Cables

When cables are not organized correctly, it can result in sharp bends, tangles, and tight coils that can ultimately damage the core of the cables. Most audio professionals choose the over-under or inside-outside cable wrapping technique.

When doing it this way, you can prevent the cables from becoming damaged; they are easy to grab and can be uncoiled faster. There will never be a tangled mess of cords you have to deal with. You can also use color-coded Velcro for even more organization.

Disconnecting Equipment

When it comes time to disconnect the equipment, you want to power everything down before unplugging the power supply. When moving and packing cables, you also need to show care because the ends of the cables are delicate around the connectors. Taking these precautions helps ensure your equipment stays in pristine working order.

Start the care and maintenance now so you can avoid problems later on when you are in the middle of a conference meeting or event. No one wants to have to troubleshoot common AV equipment problems and halt what is going on.

For more information on how you can extend the life of your company’s audio visual equipment and get a much better return on your investment, then contact the experts at Montrose Associates today.