Today’s business marketplace is tough. You need the right tools to stay on top of the game and one of the most popular tools is video conferencing. The video conference market will reach more than $20 billion in sales by 2024. This is because the market is now global and you need to be able to connect with customers, staff members, and other branches in an instant. If you’re ready to get started upgrading your video conferencing capabilities, consider these four tools.

1. High Definition Video Cameras:

High Definition (HD) cameras are not just for the boardroom. With today’s affordable HD cameras, your company can add video conferencing to more spaces than ever before. More video conferencing leads to more collaboration and innovative ideas.

2. Video Streaming Services:

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and others, have made live streaming easy and accessible to customers. Video streaming is now beginning to integrate into the business world. 20 percent of major organizations currently have streaming video and another 14 percent plan to stream video by December 2019. There are multiple, fairly easy cloud solutions that allows you to stream video not only effectively but cost efficiently. There are also options that will allow you to record video and show it when needed.

3. One Touch Sharing Devices: 

In a room full of people sharing content from your phone, tablet or laptop should be as easy as the click of a button. There should be no having to look for adaptors, download plugins or untangle wires before the presentation. Contact sharing or collaboration should be easy, straightforward and simple.

4. Lighting Control: 

Lighting in a discussion about video conferencing? Yes. Controlling lights not only have a direct impact on your employees comfort, but your energy costs. You can integrate lighting control with your video conferencing equipment. Sensors will detect when people enter the room, will turn on the lights and the audio visual equipment as well. Even better, shuts everything down when the last person leaves.

Top Benefits of Video Collaboration Tools 

Video conferencing is expected to be the preferred communication tool of the future. It is no longer a matter of if you will use video collaboration software, but when. And here are some reasons why:

– Reduces the travel time and costs for personnel important to the meeting.

– Optimizes participant attendance and all information is easily distributed.

– Improved communications with start and end times clearly defined, so less chit chat.

– Increased productivity as problems can be solved faster.

– Employee retention as less traveling is involved, and remote employees feel as part of the team more.

– Competitive advantage, when your entire work team is all on one page.

Video Collaboration Technology is a rapidly expanding are. Come talk to us about the latest trends in technology and the latest collaboration tools your organization needs to stay on top of business. Founded in 1993, The team of professionals at Montrose Associates will offer you the solutions you need within your budget. Contact us today and see how you can get a jump on the competition.