Thanks to modern smartphones, all you have to do to record a moment is enter camera mode and hit the right button. However, you can still find plenty of high-end cameras and other filming equipment on the market, and people still keep contracting with professional A/V teams to create commercials, online videos, and other recordings.

So what is it that an expensive camera with a professional crew can do that your phone camera can’t? 

Professional Cameras Offer More Filming Options

Camera phones give you a few basic features to play around with, but a professional-grade camera is on its own level. Not only do professional cameras give you white-balance options, they also let you adjust each color input until you get exactly the image quality you’re looking for. You can also adjust the depth of field, the zoom, change the aspect ratio, and otherwise adjust the image until it’s perfect. All these options can overwhelm an amateur, which is why it helps to have professionals behind the lens.

Professional Cameras Offer Extra Angles 

Another thing you can’t really do with your smartphone is record a scene from several angles at once. You can always coordinate with your friends to record a scene or a play from different perspectives, but then each video you record would be separate from each other even if you all uploaded to the same account. A professional setup can connect several cameras together and then cut between them on a live feed so you can get multiple angles that seamlessly work together and give you the best recording possible. 

Professional Cameras Offer Better Quality Pictures and Footage

Camera phones have been getting surprisingly high image resolutions. They’re expensive, but you can find multiple smartphone brands that capture images in 4k, which is well beyond the old HD standard. Still, modern professional cameras continue to be a step ahead of camera phones and use large sensors to capture more light and deliver sharp images that make full use of every pixel. High-quality sensors also help professional cameras work well under poor lighting conditions. 

Editing Compatibility 

Depending on what you want to record, editing can make or break your video. Cutting the footage, adding effects and background music, and all sorts of other tasks can mean the difference between a simple amateur recording and a video that looks just as professional as anything that plays on TV. High-end cameras can create lossless footage that’s ready for editing right away, and a professional team behind the cameras can quickly turn it into the end product you’re looking for.

Creating videos at home has never been easier or more convenient, but professional videos are still much higher in quality and show what a trained team of experts can do with the right equipment. That’s why people throughout our area come to Montrose Associates when they need audio and visual equipment for their presentations, lectures, live shows, and other events. With our team behind the scenes, you’ll get the A/V system you need with no hassle necessary and end up with the professional results you demand.