The age of traditional TV may be over, but the regular activity of staying on the couch on a lazy weekend or after a hard day’s work still remains. And what better way to lounge about than in your very own home theater?

Before you start buying a TV, speakers, and other systems to randomly put in your entertainment cave, consider these tips to create the best home theater ever.

Designing For Your Space, Not Your Imagination

Who would not want a 100-inch screen TV plastered on your walls to emulate the feeling of watching in the movie house? If all dreams can be a reality, then this would definitely take the cake for a good home theater TV size. 

However, whether it is budget or space constraints, chances are you will need to make do with one of those limitations. Sometimes, a big-screen TV won’t work with the space you have. Or perhaps your budget can only accommodate a 60-inch flatscreen. 

When creating your home theater, it’s best to design based on the space you have. Bigger is not always better, especially if you can design the space to create a more intimate setting. Think of the most common users; will it be family, friends, or you and your significant other? These factors can highly affect the equipment you will buy.

A Good Receiver to Enhance the Experience

Receivers are just as important as your speakers and TV, as this connects your system and ensures the good transmission of sounds. There are many choices in the market, but a good place to begin when choosing would be to decide on the most frequent usage of your home theater.

Most modern home theater receivers can accommodate HDMI devices, which will be perfect for movie and rerun nights. If you are looking to have turntables in your home theater, then it might be a different beast, considering how newer receivers do not have phono inputs.

The best way to go about this is to discuss all of these needs with your AV specialist before assembling your system and setting up. 

Consider The Basic Needs For AV Equipment

Now that the ambiance and the room has been set-up, the most important ingredient would be the most fitting audio video system for your home theater. More than the brand of electronics, it is more important to know your needs and uses for the room so you can set up the right equipment, no more, no less.

When you get in touch with an AV specialist, sit down with them and discuss your needs. Some of the questions that the AV specialist will bring up include:

• What is the primary use for the AV system? Is it movies or audio?

• Will you need video and audio streaming via the Internet?

• Is it purely entertainment or will you use it for broadcast?

• Do you need large screens or will it be only one component of the home theater or recreation room?

These questions allow you to visualize the AV system for your space and see if your needs will match the system you had in mind. Montrose Associates ensures that these questions and more will be tackled when creating your home theater system. If you want this level of detail-oriented approach to building your dream home theater, contact Montrose Associates and inquire about their services and products.