It can be quite challenging for teachers to keep today’s students engaged. After all, nobody wants to listen to an instructor lecturing for an hour or more, especially when they have smartphones, tablets, and laptops that they could be playing on. Therefore, administrations must think outside of the box to keep pupils interested. If they do not, the learners may receive poor marks, not be able to pass tests, and fail to graduate.

Although many people believe dropping out of school is a thing of the past, the instances happen more often than one might think. According to, approximately 1.2 million U.S. students drop out of high school annually. That translates to about 7,000 pupils per day or one individual every 26 seconds. Obviously, those numbers are not acceptable. Hence, education officials must find ways to reach the kiddos and help them retain information.

 The following sections here are going to discuss some of the A/V solutions that could make all of the difference in the world. As such, curious teachers, parents, students, and more aren’t going to want to go away just yet. Instead, they should read on to learn more.

This And That About Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard is much like a standard whiteboard. However, interactive models support multi-media materials like images and videos. Not to mention, the units are compatible with devices such as DVD players, laptops, and USB drives. The boards make it a cinch to create presentations. Plus, lessons can be saved and stored easily to refer back to later.

These tools are worthy of being added to any classroom. They are large, which means teachers are able to reach students at the back of the room. That feat can seem nearly impossible with a traditional whiteboard. So, give your instructors and students this piece of audiovisual equipment to help them succeed. 

The Benefits Of Having A Video Projector In The Classroom

Much like an interactive whiteboard, a video projector also makes creating presentations a breeze with software suites like PowerPoint. The units allow instructors to use images, films and slides to meet the learning needs of their students. As if that wasn’t enough, there is still something else that makes a video projector stand out. These devices typically deliver exceptional sound quality. Thus, pupils will be able to hear whatever the lessons have to say.

Video projectors might even save the school some money. They can eliminate the need for every pupil to have an individual computer. Therefore, if officials want to upgrade classrooms, but have a budget to keep, these devices might be the right option for them. 

Useful Tidbits About Wireless Microphones And Powered Speakers

When classrooms are set up with theater seating, students in the top rows might not hear the teacher’s instructions. They can become lost in the blink of an eye. A wireless microphone and powered speakers can prove to be just what the doctor ordered. The tools will allow learners to hear lectures and directions loud and clear.

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