If you are planning to have a wedding soon, then there are a variety of audio-visual tools you can use to make your special event even more magical. When it comes to pictures, videos, music, and more, investing in audio-visual tools for your guests to watch your memories will definitely be worth it to look back on and remember your special day. Here at Montrose Inc, we are proud to offer high-quality audio-visual services with top-of-the-line brands, system design and installation, commercial AV installs, and traditional AV installs.

The audio-visuals you need for your wedding

  • Wireless microphone for performers, DJs, guest speeches, entertainment, etc.
  • A projector, projector screen, and monitor if necessary
  • A speaker system for musical entertainment
  • Soundbars or audio amplifiers for extra sound quality
  • Video cameras and webcams to capture precious memories
  • Necessary cables and attachments
  • Computer

Audio-visual tools can make all the difference in the experience of an event, especially an extra special one like a wedding. The magic that high-quality audio-visuals can bring to an event will make it an occasion that your guests will be sure to never forget. Here at Montrose Inc, our top values are communication (because you deserve to know about pertinent updates regarding each step of the project with your AV system), affordability (because we keep our overhead and operating costs as low as possible to pass on savings to our customers), and high-quality service (because we have gained over two and a half decades of experience in the AV industry).

If you have any further questions regarding investing in an audio-visual system for your next event, how we can help, the services we offer, our prices, or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We look forward to speaking with you to make your next event as special and memorable as possible without breaking the bank along the way.