Getting an outdoor venue prepared properly can be difficult initially. Take your time with it and make sure you follow a few key steps.

What kind of audio system are you using?

Get familiar with your equipment beforehand. Even if you have a sound engineer working the event and they are an expert with the equipment, take the time to prepare beforehand for it.

Will you be broadcasting elsewhere? Are you organizing a live band or just having studio music being played? How large is the audience? Take all of this criteria into account first and ensure you have plenty of time for run-throughs and soundchecks early. Also, when using a PA system in pairing with a live band, make sure the sound is prepared properly.

Is the area covered?

This will be extremely important for the equipment should the weather plans go south. Inclimate weather should always be expected for events, and at least basic precautions taken to avoid damage to the equipment and leaving the audience unprotected.

Overall, preparing for an outdoor event requires a great deal of attention, particularly to the sound equipment. If you have any questions on how your equipment is performing, what you should have in preparation, or how to get started, give us a call today. We’ll learn more about the event you have prepared and cater specifically to what your event calls for.