Do you enjoy hosting Sunday Afternoon Football, mid-week movie nights or even just gaming after a long day at work? Why not enhance the experience?

With advanced AV systems, you can get the most out of your entertainment room with upgraded systems.

Surround Sound System

For a completely immersive experience, make sure you upgrade your audio system. Having the right speakers offers surround sound that will give your space that commercial-quality feel. Make sure you have your speakers spaced out properly to maximize the effect. Pro tip: hide your new AV systems in the walls, ceiling or even closet to keep the space flawless.

4K Ultra HD

It’s all about the screen though, right? The bigger your screen, the better. But what about the clarity? Opt for a TV or screen that offers 4K ultra HD for a crystal clear picture and never miss a moment again!

AV Control

Now that you have all the new bells and whistles, you need to have easy access and control over each media device. Consider adding a smart remote to your collection. With a smart remote, you can bypass all the different systems that are spread out in your space and control each with the press of a button!