Getting started on tightening your facility security is a crucial element to maintaining a successful business. It breathes life into the efforts your company is making to keep clients and staff both accountable and safe.

Depending on your facility requirements, NVR vs VMS systems can fit different needs. This is based on the expected lifetime of the system, numbers of cameras necessary, and the budget to suit the facility.

How do I install security cameras?

Most often, an on-site inspection isn’t required if the site consultants give apt and detailed information. If an on-site inspection is still necessary, however, our Montrose operators can create a layout plan quickly to meet the exact needs of the facility and its occupants.

I already have a security system in place, why change?

Depending on the wear and tear of the system, it could be time for a new install. It’s advised that ten years is the deadline for a new system install. That time frame is entirely dependent on the frequency of maintenance over time, as well as the quality.

Catering to each facilities needs is also something to take into consideration, as each of our systems is customizable to fit the needs of the facility rather than a flat rate budget.